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Ardbeg Supernova single malt

"The peatiest mofo single malt you could ever imagine. So peaty it almost hurts. Aged 12 years, bottled in 2010. "

3 Monts golden ale

"I hadn't had this ethereal liquid in about 20 years, and had pretty much forgotten about it until I saw it at my old employer, Marty's in Newton. As delicious as I remember it. Full-bodied, not overly-hopped, with a great layer of flavor I can best describe as tasting like fresh cut hay. Made in French Flanders. "

Ginger Bohemian

"An approximation of this beverage from Drink. "

Sidecar Especial

"The Spanish brandy is aged at length in sherry casks, which gives this version of a classic drink a nice nutty quality to contrast with the sweetness of the orange liqueur and the tartness of the lemon juice."

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commented on National Bohemian Beer:

Oh, this brings back fond memories of a Grateful Dead show in MD in the late '80s! National Bo was $4.99 a case, cheaper than Coca Cola. And it wasn't half bad either.

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commented on Ginger Bohemian:

The light in the photo makes the drink appear more brown than it actually was, and it was not curdled. The combination of the grapefruit pulp and carbonation may give that impression. The floral, herbaceous, tart, and spicy flavors combined to great effect, giving my taste buds a welcome sensory overload. I will be making these at home, for sure.