Detroit, MI
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Occupation: Hired Geek, Web Designer, Social Media Guru
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Disc Golf, Code
Drink Preferences: Wine, Scotch, Saki, Bells Beer

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Bells Two Hearted Ale

"Great hoppy beer. I don't generally like them too hoppy like Hop Slam per say, but this is a great heady ale."

Sangria Ala Shane

"Sangria before watching the Red Wings on May 14, 2009."

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commented on Beermosa:

Sounds on par with the Mangria --> Have you ever actually tried this?

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commented on Mangria:

None taken. I haven't tried it yet myself. I just heard on the Ace Man's podcast. I will give it a shot though. I thought it was a good opportunity to do some funny Photoshop.

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commented on Bells Two Hearted Ale:

Have you had bells before. It's like a hoppier bells amber. Maybe an Anchorsteam with a bit more bite. Hard to describe.