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boulevard "the sixth glass"

"Quad from Kansas based brewing co. Boulevard. Malty with fruit tones (raisins, prunes, etc). 10.5 abv and tastes that way. Fairly impressed with this one."

Ommegang BPA (Belgian Pale Ale)

"Ommegang is generally solid for an American brewery doing Belgian style beers. I had never had this before and was pleasantly surprised. It's a touch bitter with just enough citrusy sweetness to make it instantly recognizable as a lighter Belgian ale. All around pretty damn good. "

Golden Monkey

"A sweet and boozy golden Belgian style beer. Has some subtle spiciness to boot. In terms of the style I'd go with La Fin Du Monde (or something like that) every day; however, this is pretty good."

Notch Session Ale

"Nice hoppy aroma. It starts bitter but finishes crisp. Also, it's really flavorful for having a low abv (4.8%). This one goes down easy."

Orval Trappist Ale

"Another Belgian Trappist. This one if fairly complex. It has a slight hoppy aroma and some citrus flavors going on. It's also weaker (6.9%) than many Belgians you'll find, so the flavors are a bit subtle. Also, it's apparently been around since something like 1100 a.d. which is pretty fucking rad in my opinion."

Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue)

"Probably the most well know of the Belgian Trappist beers, this is well worth 10 or 11$ for a bottle. It's a touch bitter for a Belgian but is overall very sweet. Some hints of raisin and caramel. Good shit!"

Gulden Draak

"This is one complex yet delicious Belgian dark ale. At 10.5% alcohol this is a strong sucker and it's one of those beers that tastes and smells "boozy", so beware. Some different reviews have classified the taste and aroma as reminicent of: toffee, licorice root, taffy, cake batter, syrupy nectar like sweetness, meat broth, candy sugar flavors, and light chocolate. Needless to say, "complex" is an accurate description. If you're a fan of Belgians, try this now!"

Allagash Black Belgian Stout

"I had seen this around for a while , and being a fan of both Belgian style ales and stouts, I had to try it. A sweet malty stout with hints of both chocolate and coffee. It's sort of an odd one to classify in all honesty; at times having the sweet flavorful characteristics of a quality Belgian, while also having the heartiness of a good stout. Also, at 10% alcohol it packs a serious punch. Once again highly recommended "

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

"I'm a bit of a Dogfish Head fanboy as of late. Anyway, this is supposedly a combination between an IPA, a Scotch ale, and an American brown ale. All I can tell you is that it is once again a terrifically balanced brown ale. It has a roasted smoky aroma, starts off malty with hints of chocolate, and finishes bitter (in a good way). This is a top notch beer for the cold weather. "

Konigshoeven Dubbel Trappist Ale

"There are seven Trappist ales in the world; all brewed in Belgium except for this one (brewed in the Netherlands). It's a Belgian styled brown ale, so it's malty and sweet with some hints of fruit in the aroma and a smoky flavor. At 7% alcohol it's not too strong, but it is absolutely deliscious. This is almost as good as it gets!"

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commented on Black Russian:

I prefer my Russians white, though I usually take what I can get.

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commented on Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale:

That's interesting. I don't mind hoppy beers every now and then, but I'm definately not a "hop-head". In fact, I've never considered their beers over hoppy at all. In all honesty I would give this one a shot. It's almost perfectly balanced and not very hoppy whatsoever.

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commented on Old Cuban:

yup, these are damn tasty

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commented on Kraken Stormy:

saw this stuff at the store yesterday actually, and immediately thought of trying this exact thing. What are the differences? I've never tried Kraken before.

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Didn't I tell you that New Amsterdam was great AND a killer bargain?! It makes a great G&T and I love it in a martini with a dash of orange bitters.