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High West Rendezvous Rye

"I'm a huge fan of Willett Rye 5 year old or Rittenhouse. This one put those to shame. I was hesitant getting a Rye from Utah, but apparently, someone does drink there."

Old Fashioned Barak is jealous of

"I use rye or Dickel Tenn whisky. I find syrup easier than using a sugar cube. I dont bother with lemon or a cherry. I let the ice cubes melt a bit and then enjoy. I found my perfect mix and now stick with it. Even Obama wants it..."

Water Lily

"Kind of like a gimlet, but lavender "

Angel's Kiss

"Unique flavor. If you really love Benedictine...."

Lone Canary 2008 Merlot

"Silky with flavors of blackberry, dark chocolate and spice. The review says "in the nose it presents notes of black cherry, blackberry and dried plum". I don't know how they figure that shit out... but they did. I smell the dried plum."

Dirty Vodka Gibson

"Never tried this with vodka. Real onion taste comes out. Kind of savory"

Marsala Martini

"I was looking for some drink to make with Marsala. This tastes very much like a "Perfect" Gin Martini. Not bad. Good to watch Mad Men to...."

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commented on The Last Word:

Recently had one at the Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle, where Murray Stenson re-discovered this drink a few years ago. Ever since it's regained it's fame. Now tourists come to Seattle and ask for Seattle's cocktail, The Last Word...

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commented on Whiskey with metal cubes:

I also prefer letting some large cubes melt. It does open up new flavors. But I just imagined freezing a handful of old teeth and using that as a frozen source....

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commented on Lemon Drop:

My favorite! I make mine with equal parts your ingredients with lemon juice and cointreau. It ended up tasting just like the candy (but with alcohol)..

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commented on Vodka & Sprite:

After Pepsico sold it to the Dr Pepper/Snapple group, it's been hit and miss in Seattle. So I started making my own with my SodaStream

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commented on B & B:

Since I like Metaxa, I prefer this. Also I can go heavy on the Benedictine if I wish...which I often prefer.