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Excuse me Sir, would like that in the can? "No Thanks, I'll have it here!"

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"A Pilsner from Olso Norway 4.6% kick
How do you say cheers in Norwegian?

Viking beer

"Made from the pure water of Iceland. 5.6% can of awesomeness"

white sangria

"Served with Gin and seltzer water and I even added a couple copped mint leaves to the fruit"

gokoo sake

"This is a high octane brand. Taste more like a whiskey. Feels like a whiskey. "

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commented on gokoo sake:

A good friend passing through the duty free at the airport picked it up for me.

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Hey Stu, we haven't seen your creative Coor's Light Displays lately. What's in your glass these days? We'd like to see. Drink up and Upload. Regards, -Bartender

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You are certainly a Silver Bullet guy eh??

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Not a quality beer. Definitely not in a can. And please orient your photo so the beer won't spill on this fine webpage.