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Just getting started with Mixology. New to the cocktail world. Usually ordered Long Island Iced Tea if I wanted a drink or a Strawberry daiquiri but now I\'m learning to make these and other drink on my own. My newfound hobby is inspired by my 19 year old daughter who just completed a Bartenders course through Brewmasters in Boston. She is a rising Sophomore at Boston University and loves not only the school but everything Boston.

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Chocolate martini

"Very sweet. Good alternative for those that need a mixer"


"Very tasty with actual tangerine aftertaste. Beautiful."

Melon Breeze

"Fruity; sweet pineapple taste."

Whiskey Sour

"My Thanksgiving drink made by my daughter, the bartender."

Abbey Road

"I made this with Pepsi and am quite pleased with the taste of blended coffee and soda. The old-fashioned single sphere ice is nice too."

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commented on Gee Sea Jay:

Hi Johnny, didn't know how to respond to you other than posting on one if your drinks. "Too much vodka" might overpower the whole drink. I'm a new drinker so that could just be my amateur thinking. Lol. Write back.

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commented on Red light district:

Will be in Boston end of this month. Nice looking drink. May have to look up this restaurant. What took you there?

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commented on Margarita:

I've never had a Margarita before. On my list to try though. Pretty.