Sarah Anne Frazier Pompeo

Boston, MA
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I'm the mysterious type, so mysterious I didn't even add a bio.

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Prosecco Pumkin

"Rim flute glass with cinnamon & sugar, pour Prosecco and a 2 count of pumpkin spice syrup. "

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie

"Great Italian table wine. Bought on impulse due to the packaging and price. Surprisingly enjoyable. Great gift idea!"

skinny girl Margarita

"the lazy mans margarita, one alcohol, not the best - but very good for on the run/lazy margarita. Low in calories for the waist line."

creme de menthe pineapples

"Really a dessert/meal finisher. A nice light ending to a meal, port replacer. Something different."

Fuzzy Devil

"Fruity, smooth and sweet . . ."

Chocolate Luv (Variation)

"A nice chocolaty end to an evening. I like going heavy on the Chambord to add an extra raspberry flavor. Good for the sweet tooth."

Elderberry Cooler

"Very cool, refreshing and limey. Great for a hot summers day or after shoveling . . ."

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Sarah Anne Frazier Pompeo
commented on Sangria:

I would love to get the true ingredients for a good sangria. so many people do not know how to make them...good.

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Sarah Anne Frazier Pompeo
commented on Come Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer:

The Blue Hills Brewery just came out with a Watermelon Wheat which is a watermelon version of their Wampatuck Wheat. I had it at a bar and thought it was refreshing in the hot weather! I must compare the 2 watermelon wheats!

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Sarah Anne Frazier Pompeo
commented on PBR:

Not a huge fan in the past- but since everyone is drinking it- maybe I should try it again!

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No bio? You put that really long name of yours on here, but no bio? Just kidding. Keep the drinks coming. Did you get the pic of R.M.V. sipping a cocktail at the restaurant that I sent to your phone the other night?