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Happiness is - when the ice clinks in your empty glass, there is someone there to mix a drink for you.

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Old Fashion- Double

"Just made one or my hubby; not my taste but he seems pleased. "

Tiki Bandit

"Made @ Frank's Tiki Room in Vegas"

Blood Ruby

"A nice alternative to my gin and tonic."

Vodka Tonic

"When life gives you lemon juice..."

Corralejo AƱejo

"A great sipping tequila does wonderful things to me. "

Blueberry Lemonade

"I enjoyed this drink several times from our deck on vacation."

Canadian Mike's

"Typically I do not enjoy these type of malt beverages; however, I drink them when on vacation in Canada because there they are made with vodka not malt liquor. "

El Sarape Hornitos Margarita

" I Love El Sarape in Braintree for so many freakin' reasons - great margaritas is just one of them "

Grapefruit Margarita

"These tasty drinks ( notice the plural) were needed before we went to Magic Kingdom as MK is dry :( "

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commented on Classica Margarita:

I just love sitting next to you at the bar at El Sarape drinking our margaritas :)

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commented on Grapefruit Margarita:

Apparently, Walt made it this way, even though he drank and smoked. Magic Kingdom is the only place - none of the other parks practice in this odd form of idealism. It is only dry until Rob enters with his cargo shorts filled with nips; he orders their tasty virgin drinks and then plays bartender in the park's walkways. This way we too are feeling the magic with the kids ;)

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Your bio statement is a testament to a very good Bartender.

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I enjoy your uploads. Another fine selection soon perhaps?