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commented on Manhattan Blues:

ForrestFrazier, it's worth the effort if you have the patience. JakJericho, all of these are my own photos. Thank you! If you want to go with Scotch, my new fave blends are Scottish Leader and Black Bottle. Both recently available in the US for the first time, and both are incredible values, retailing around $20 each. Black Bottle is peaty, and Leader is not. I reviewed on them on my site recently http://www.libationlab.com/brilliant-blend-buys-new-scotches-on-the-us-market/

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Quinn, it's been a while since your last drink submission. What's in your glass? -JJ

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It's been a while Quinn. Surely you have created and photographed a few new quality concoctions. Let's see them here on SMD. -Bartender