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From LA moved to San Francisco then back to LA. Im a visual artist who enjoys the art of a great cocktail.

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Plum wine

"Garnished with a drunk plum"

St. Germain

"St. Germain you really tickle my fancy"


"At Tapas Teatro. :) "


"At Brewer's Art "

Patron Pineapple

"Patron silver, pineapple juice, squeeze of lime! Boom! Fiesta in your mouth! "

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commented on Strawberry Margarita :

You're right, that does deserve a premium silver! Strawberry purée is just simple syrup and fresh strawberries blended. Thick. Good lord, just talking about it makes me thirsty!

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commented on Glitter Bombs :

Oopsy... I was thinking the same thing! (damn you spellcheck)

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commented on Spiked Lemonade :

New Amsterdam is affordable and pretty darn good. I prefer Hendricks over any other brand but I'm a home bartender on a slight budget. And yeah LA is pretty moderate. Weather is great.