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There is nothing like a fine cocktail after a day in the trenches.

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Mad Matt's Saison Belgian

"My brother Matt's Home Brew Saison Belgian. As always, its fantastic!! I can't wait to try his Porter. :)"

Sapphire & Tonic

"An all time classic that is always refreshing."

Longboard Island Lager

"1st time I tried this beer was in Kona, Hawaii at the brewery, which also has a restaurant with excellent pizza. I highly recommend this beer, along with others from the Kona Brewing Co. It really is liquid Aloha!"

JW Blue Label

"Enjoying a nice snifter of Blue Label to celebrate my birthday! "

Magner's Irish Cider

"A nice change of pace to enjoy prior to the start of the Bruins run for a consecutive Stanley Cup. Go B's!!!"

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA

"Light walnut color with a pillowy off-white head. Aroma is herbal, earthy hops and peppery grain. Flavor is big piney hops up front and rye spice fading into a creamy malt background. Long finish of piney, earthy bitterness. Medium to full bodied with a creamy palate and moderate carbonation. A good beer to enjoy while watching the Bruins dismantle the Maple Leafs at the Boston Garden."

Hot Chocolate

"A classic winter treat, while resting in front of a warm fire."

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commented on Grasshopper:

Or it could be used as an interrogation tool as suggested in the underrated movie "Ronin".

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commented on Kraken & Cola:

The Kraken has become the rum of choice at the ol' squadron. Its excellent with cola or on the rocks.