I have a question, how do I contact you?
If you have a cocktail related emergency you can leave a message on the wall of Barkeep or Bartender.
If you have a site related issue, quesion or suggestion just drop us a line.
Or feel free to chat with us on twitter @seemydrink
I screwed up my drink, can I fix it?
Sure. When you are logged in, go to your Account tab then click on drinks. You will then see a list of your drinks (from newest to oldest) just find the drink you want to fix and click "edit drink".
What size can my photos be?
Your photo must be larger than 48k but no more than 700k (or we won't be able to upload it).
What file formats do you accept for image uploads?
SeeMyDrink supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats.
Why is my original image cropped when it appears as a thumbnail or avatar?
When you upload an image, we crunch it down to the proper size. This means that the sides or top/bottom of your image may be cropped off to create a square thumbnail. (This will happen when you upload an image that is rectangular, not square.) But fear not, when your image is shown at full size, it is displayed in uncropped form in all its glory.
I tried to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked-In but it doesn't take me to my existing account, WTF?
Stay calm, nothing happened to your account. Sometimes people have a different account name on their social networks than they do here at SMD. Or maybe the email address is different on your social network than it is here either way we can fix it. Just send us a note with your original username and the one that just got created. We'll fix the problem and you will be able to log using either your SMD credentials or your social networking info.
How to I add a button to my website?
If you're logged in, just grab the code below and paste it into your website.

If you're not logged in, copy the code below and add your username at the end of the first URL that appears in the code. For example, it should read something like Paste into your website.