White Chocolate Peppermintini

Added by: ForrestFrazier
Added on: Dec 5 2010

White Chocolate Peppermintini

Ingredients needed to make a White Chocolate Peppermintini

1.5 oz vanilla vodka
.5 oz light creme de coco
.5 oz Godiva white chocolate liqueur
.5 oz white creme de menthe
chocolate syrup

White Chocolate Peppermintini Cocktail Recipe Directions

add liquor to a shaker with ice.
pour into a martini glass laced with chocolate

ForrestFrazier's Notes

this is a great holiday cocktail

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Latest Comments about White Chocolate Peppermintini

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MixMaster said:

My word for "roadie" is "Traveler". This sounds like a real good one to sip for dessert after Christmas dinner. Not the road-soda I'm thinking of.

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ForrestFrazier said:

@bartender my thoughts exactly
@tedvilla no but at my place there is always take out service. I'm a big fan of the roadie.

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tedvilla said:

My wife wonders if you deliver... sounds great.

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Bartender said:

A glass rimmed with crushed candy cane would really make this "Christmasy" treat come alive.