Whistle Pig Rye

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Added on: Jan 26 2012

Whistle Pig Rye

Ingredients needed to make a Whistle Pig Rye

100% straight rye

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Order sip & savor

tedvilla's Notes

Drank this this past weekend at legal seafood second floor on northern blvd. didn't photo it at that time but found it in my local packy. It retails ~$80/bottle. It's zesty spicy and a bit sour -- like a great rye should be and this is really fine stuff. It was an experience. Need to save my pennies and splurge on this. Soon. It's from VT. This is to me an unprecedented time for local/regional distillates. I'll be on the lookout and post them here.

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tedvilla said:

@jakjericho this is totally rye's moment! I've actually been drinking a rye based beer that ill be posting soon. Just been getting a sense of it as I work through a 12 pack.

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JakJericho said:

Rye is the new Bourbon. I saw "Richter's" Rye at my local packy. It looks awesome. I'm saving for that one. Keep bringing it Ted. I haven't seen Whistle Pig yet, but I'm looking.