Wachusett Octoberfest Ale

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Added on: Sep 21 2011

Wachusett Octoberfest Ale

Ingredients needed to make a Wachusett Octoberfest Ale

A couple Bottles of this local Fall favorite

Wachusett Octoberfest Ale Cocktail Recipe Directions

Get the cap off and taste the changing seasons

BrewGuru's Notes

This Marzen Style Ale is excellent, though maybe not as good as last year, whereas Sam Adams Octoberfest was lackluster last year, but this year is top notch.

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MixMaster said:

I just tried this and I really liked it. I've had the Sam Adams and this seems better to me. I can see how it might change from year to year though.

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Bartender said:

Aaah,...I do love Autumn and all its flavorful splendor.