Vodka & Tonic

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Added on: Feb 28 2012

Vodka & Tonic

Ingredients needed to make a Vodka & Tonic

Double shot of Vodka
Tonic Water
Lemon Wedge Optional

Vodka & Tonic Cocktail Recipe Directions

Keeping it simple after a long day... just pour over ice, stir a few times and enjoy!

JRCXNY's Notes

Simple stuff after a hard day

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JRCXNY said:

Yes, if you use the molds you definitely only need one triangle ice cube in the winter, maybe one of their bigger "rock" molds in the summer outdoors... it takes up like 50% of the glass lol.

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tedvilla said:

ice minimalist!

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Bartender said:

I'm a big believer in lemon with vodka and lime with gin (except for Hendrick's and New Amsterdam). Nice upload.