Vodka Martini Cocktail

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Added on: Sep 16 2013

Vodka Martini Cocktail

Ingredients needed to make a Vodka Martini Cocktail

2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Dry Vermouth

Vodka Martini Cocktail Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a shaker with a few ice cubes, pour in vodka and vermouth. You can add a splash of "juice" from the olive jar to dirty it up. Shake briefly but with vigor. Strain into a very icy martini glass. Garnish with three skewered olives.

Bartender's Notes

The purists prefer gin in a "martini", as even I usually do, but vodka martinis have gained popularity in recent years and can't be counted out.

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tedvilla said:

Interesting article in the WSJ style mag this past weekend. Talked about how the schmaltzier 50s cocktails are making a come back amidst the bespoke pre-probibition cocktail movement. Drinks like the stinger, the rusty nail (of which i am a big fan) and other drinks with blue curacao etc are making a comeback albeit with a more sophisticated, trendy twist. The vodka martini was mentioned as well, as one of those 50s toppers.