Triple sec (homemade)

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Added on: Sep 18 2012

Triple sec (homemade)

Ingredients needed to make a Triple sec (homemade)

3 orange peels + juice
3 cups water
3 cups sugar
3 dashes orange flower water
bottle of vodka (I used New Amsterdam)
big glass jar for storage

Triple sec (homemade) Cocktail Recipe Directions

1st make simple syrup with sugar and water, bring to a boil then add in orange peels and juice, let cool and pour into glass jar with vodka and orange flower water, ready for use in 3 weeks

Milkbarfun's Notes

Some brands are out of my budget, so I make my own!

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tedvilla said:

Very cool cocktail dyi. Nice post.

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JakJericho said:

I had homemade "Kahlua" last night. It was also made with a vodka base. I my have to give this a go.

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Milkbarfun said:

Sure beats paying 60 bucks! Tastes better too.