Tom Collins

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Added on: Mar 3 2012

Tom Collins

Ingredients needed to make a Tom Collins

2 oz New Amsterdam Gin
4 oz Polar Collins Mixer
Lime (or lemon)

Tom Collins Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour gin over ice. Stir in Polar Collins Mixer, and garnish with Lime Wedge.

JakJericho's Notes

Polar makes THE perfect Collins Mixer. It is way better than the powdered versions, and a lot easier than home made. They also have an Orange Dry and a Half & Half that go well in many cocktails. Polar is local in the Northeast U.S., hailing out of Worcester, MA. I'm a big fan of their entire line of sodas and seltzers.

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tedvilla said:

Big fan of polar's tc mix, big fan of this drink. You're getting a jump on summer. Way to go.

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barkeep said:

I'm a fan of the classic Tom Collins. Have you tried Bols Genever in your Tom Collins? Its the closest thing to Tom Gin that I can find in the US.