The Speyside 12 Year

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Added on: Apr 27 2011

The Speyside 12 Year

Ingredients needed to make a The Speyside 12 Year

4 oz Scotch Whisky

The Speyside 12 Year Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pull the cork, pour it gently over ice, a sample the eight year taste of this 12? year old single malt.

This smells wonderful, but the taste is lackluster,...almost bitter.

Bartender's Notes

This distillery is the closest to the River Spey than any other in Scotland, yet they used water from the River Tromie to make this Whisky. Maybe that's the problem.

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Bartender said:

When I first opened the bottle, I thought I liked it, then I realized I hadn't gone back for more in such a long time. This last taste reminds me of why. This is proof that aging twelve years means little.

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tedvilla said:

ahhh, the irony. Trucked in water, though located Speyside.