The Sherman

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The Sherman

Ingredients needed to make a The Sherman

Sweet Vermouth
Organge bitters
Angostura bitters
bit of orange rind

The Sherman Cocktail Recipe Directions

Add together the ingredients for a Manhattan, add a splach of Pernod and orange bitters. Serve on the rocks, garnish with a bit of orange rind.

thefreeartist's Notes

A colleague and friend ordered this last evening at an office holiday dinner. he bartender went light on the boubon, so the organge came through clearly. Sorry about the lousy photo. @Bartender can you offer any history on this one? I am told it is named for the Civil War general.

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MixMaster said:

I never heard of any of these Shermans...except for the one that Bartender says to avoid! Figures. Wish the pic was brighter.

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Bartender said:

The Sherman, should not be confused with the notorious General Sherman Cocktail, (as stated by my counterpart @Barkeep which is a two ingredient "duo cocktail", made up of Bourbon and Tabasco Sauce, allegedly to acknowledge Gen. Sherman's "Scorched Earth" retreat policy during the Civil War (or his red hair!). This cocktail was later weakened down for the masses by adding Ginger Beer in place of the Tabasco. THE SHERMAN is actually a very slightly modified SUBURBAN COCKTAIL, which heralds back to the "rococo" age of American drinking (roughly, from 1875 to 1920) According to the Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book, it was one of the drinks invented there, to celebrate James R. Keene's race horses; which were fixtures in the Suburban Handicap, first run at Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay track in 1884. (Note: there are also three more "Sherman" cocktails..the Father(with Absinthe), the Mother(with Apricot), and the Bobby(well....skip the Bobby Sherman). -Bartender

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barkeep said:

While I'm not exactly sure where this variation came from the accepted "General Sherman" cocktail is a mix of Bourbon, absinthe and Tabasco. It commemorates his fiery red hair and 'scorched earth' policy.

Sherman has a few cocktails named in his honor, my personal favorite is "Sherman’s March to the Sea".