The Old Cabin

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The Old Cabin

Ingredients needed to make a The Old Cabin

2 oz Cabin Fever Maple Whisky
1 sugar cube
2-3 dashes Blood Orange Bitters
2 orange slices
1 splash club soda
2 maraschino cherries for garnish

The Old Cabin Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix sugar, and bitters in an old-fashioned glass. Drop in 2 orange wedges. Muddle into a paste using a muddler or the back end of a spoon. Pour in the Cabin Fever Maple Whisky, fill with ice cubes, add your cherries, stir and add a splash of club soda then serve.

mancaveologist's Notes

A nice variation of an Old Fashioned!

Yes that is Wilson in the background...

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mancaveologist said:

mine too I love them...
I usually prefer bourbon ones however

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Lizziemonster said:

This is right up my alley.