The Curtis Hotel

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Added on: Mar 9 2012

The Curtis Hotel

Ingredients needed to make a The Curtis Hotel

1 ounce Irish Whiskey

1 ounce Blended Scotch

1/2 ounce Dry Vermouth

1/2 ounce Sweet Vermouth

Dash Peychaud’s Bitters

Orange Twist Garnish

The Curtis Hotel Cocktail Recipe Directions

In a shaker with ice add ingredients. Stir till chilled. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with orange peel.

ForrestFrazier's Notes

Just what the doctor ordered.

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tedvilla said:

A cousin to the perfect manhattan. Interesting. Nice post.

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ForrestFrazier said:

It's the orange twist that puts this over the top. Spritz the peel on the drink then rim the glass before adding it to the cocktail.

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MixMaster said:

Looks so elegant, seems so simple. Great photo.