The Balvenie Signature 12

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Added on: Nov 24 2010

The Balvenie Signature 12

Ingredients needed to make a The Balvenie Signature 12

The Balvenie
spring water

The Balvenie Signature 12 Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour your Balvenie and add water to taste.

jdoyleoss's Notes

They recommend up to 1/3 water, which is a bit much for me but still delicious.

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Bartender said:

I've had this particular scotch on several occasions. It is robust and malty, but as is with most Balvenie's, it is smooth. Not cheap however, but most things of quality aren't.

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JakJericho said:

I have a bottle of Balvenie Signature. I love it, though I don't add water, I just use a few ice cubes. This is a real nice quality scotch in the Balvenie tradition! Nice photo too.