Sweet Georgia Brown Ale

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Added on: Feb 2 2012

Sweet Georgia Brown Ale

Ingredients needed to make a Sweet Georgia Brown Ale

2 oz 60L Crystal Malt
2 oz Chocolate Malt
1 oz Black Malt

6 lbs Light DME

6.5 HBUs Target Hops (Bittering) I usually use 1 oz of Fuggles Hops
1/2 oz East Kent Goldings (Flavor)

British Ale Yeast

Sweet Georgia Brown Ale Cocktail Recipe Directions

Put the specialty grains into the muslin bag and steep in 150 degree water for 20 minutes. Pull the bag out
allowing it to drain freely into the brew kettle. There is no need to "squeeze" the bag. Squeezing the bag will only release tannins that will harm your beer.

Add 170 degree water to the brew kettle to bring the total volume to 2.5 gallons. As you add this water
run it over your bag of grains to sparge ("rinse") the rest of the grain water out of the bag.

Bring kettle to a boil
then remove it from the burner. Stir in the Dry Malt Extract (DME)
and put Target (Bittering) hops in a muslin bag (tied closed) and add into the kettle.

Return to heat and boil for 45 minutes. Add the 1/2 oz East Kent Goldings to the muslin bag and boil for 15 minutes.

Cool to room temperature
add water to bring total volume to 5 gallons. Stir vigorously to incorporate air into the wort. Pitch (add) your yeast.

Tubularocity 's Notes

Home brew, for the win.

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JakJericho said:

This is great!! I love the how-to as well. I like Sam Smith's Nut Brown, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale, and Newcastle and this is right there with those. Wish I could try it. Great submission.

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Lizziemonster said:

Yay! Great upload. I am partial to the nut browns.

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ForrestFrazier said:

I love the home brew! This is the second or third one I've seen in here. Congrats.