Strawberry Margarita

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Added on: Jan 24 2013

Strawberry Margarita

Ingredients needed to make a Strawberry Margarita

Jose Quervo Tequila, strawberry puree, lime juice, triple sec, ice

Strawberry Margarita Cocktail Recipe Directions

throw that yummy goodness into that blender, do the cha cha, pour and garnish with starwberry

Milkbarfun's Notes

Summer in January!

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Milkbarfun said:

You're right, that does deserve a premium silver! Strawberry purée is just simple syrup and fresh strawberries blended. Thick. Good lord, just talking about it makes me thirsty!

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tedvilla said:

Like the strawberry puree. Was it fresh puree? That deserves a premium silver in my book.