St Germain's Arousal

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Added on: May 12 2011

St Germain's Arousal

Ingredients needed to make a St Germain's Arousal

St. Germain's
citrus vodka
and other stuff...
garnished with a Szechuan “Buzz" Button

St Germain's Arousal Cocktail Recipe Directions

I ordered this at a bar so I'm not sure how it was made. But it was delicious!

Lizziemonster's Notes

*Szechuan "Buzz" Buttons are small edible flowers that have a numbing, tingling effect in the mouth when consumed. It was a sensation unlike any other. Totally worth the extra $.

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Lizziemonster said:

I ordered this drink in Salem, MA at the Greenland Cafe. It's a signature drink there. The buzz button costs a little extra but it was worth the experience.

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Bartender said:

Absolutely grand! What a unique sounding and looking cocktail. Never had a Buzz button. I must try one. Where did you order it?