Spiked spice cider

Added by: Lizziemonster
Added on: Nov 27 2010

Spiked spice cider

Ingredients needed to make a Spiked spice cider

Apple cider
1/2 oz. Bacardi 8
1/2 Sailor Jerry's spiced rum
dash of old fashioned bitters
garnish with cinnamon stick

Spiked spice cider Cocktail Recipe Directions

Heat up the apple cider, add liquor, bitters and stir. Garnish.

Lizziemonster's Notes

The combination of rums gave the cider an almost vanilla-esque flavor.

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Latest Comments about Spiked spice cider

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Bartender said:

High quality photograph to enhance a simple, yet classic fall drink.

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JakJericho said:

I love your photo AND your two rum combo. Though I prefer whisky with my cider (see my "Hot Whisky Cider" in the search function) Perfect for the Thanksgiving through Christmas window! Good stuff Lizzie.

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MixMaster said:

Tis the season for cider based cocktails. I've seen a few here at SMD, and all look nice, but you know I'm partial to Lizzie's stuff. Nice vantage point in the photo!

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winocat said:

That sounds delicious. However, I have to be chaperoned while drinking rum, so this one may not be in the cards for me!