Sicilian Screwdriver

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Added on: Feb 3 2012

Sicilian Screwdriver

Ingredients needed to make a Sicilian Screwdriver

Fresh Sicilian Blood Orange Juice, Mezzaluna Italian Voda, blood orange slice garnish.

Sicilian Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe Directions

Just 2 ingredients, figure it out ;)

JRCXNY's Notes

Sicilian Blood Oranges are not available from California. Taste is slightly different but California truly is the answer to Italian products we cannot get here inexpensively... California has the perfect climate to replicate many authentic Italian products due to its climate, soil and sun/climate.

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JRCXNY said:

Sicilian Blood oranges are delightfully delicious. I remember the only place I could ever get it was frozen for $5 per 8oz pack from Balducci's Gourmet Italian Grocery in NYC (that was back in the 1990s), today its good to see the actual fresh fruit in supermarkets at a fraction of the cost from 20 years ago.

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JakJericho said:

I am ALL about the blood orange right now. Great drink and nice facts.