Shipyard Prelude Special Ale

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Added on: Dec 22 2010

Shipyard Prelude Special Ale

Ingredients needed to make a Shipyard Prelude Special Ale

12 oz Prelude Special Ale by Shipyard Brewing of Portland, ME

Shipyard Prelude Special Ale Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pop the cap, sip slowly. A little warm isn't a bad thing.

BrewGuru's Notes

A tasty new take on the "Christmas or Winter Warmer" type beers.

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BrewGuru said:

The great thing about this holiday brew is that it is not too spicy. It is certainly less so than Samuel Adam's Winter Lager and Harpoon Winter Warmer, but enough of a flavor to let you know it's seasonal. I swear I could almost taste a clove-like flavor...less on the nutmeg/cinnamon/allspice. Good stuff. I'll look for it next year for sure.

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tedvilla said:

I opened a pair of 2004 Anchor Winters about two weeks ago. I forgot to capture them in a photo to add up here. They got better with age -- more coffee, mellower, smoother. How spicy is this?

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Bartender said:

Heavy and probably spicy...just the way I like my winter beers. I like the "Prelude" title...makes you wonder what happens next!

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Lizziemonster said:

Looks winter-y. Is it spicy like other winter warmers?