Scotch Egg Nog

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Scotch Egg Nog

Ingredients needed to make a Scotch Egg Nog

2 oz Blended Scotch Whisky
4 oz Farm Fresh Egg Nog
Dash of Fresh Ground Nutmeg

Scotch Egg Nog Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour Scotch first to avoid separation. Add Egg Nog and stir slowly. Grind in some nutmeg and voila! (marshmallow snowmen are extra)

MixMaster's Notes

Egg Nog mixes well with Whiskey, Bourbon, Brandy, Rum, or Scotch Whisky. It's all personal preference... Now you know mine.

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Latest Comments about Scotch Egg Nog

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Bartender said:

This is an eggnog variety I have tried time and time again....and it is always perfect. Nice snowmen...and nice decanter!

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JakJericho said:

Nice picture. I like Irish or Rye whisky in my Egg Nog. Maybe I'll load one up before Christmas.