Sauza Hornitos Margarita

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Added on: Sep 14 2010

Sauza Hornitos Margarita

Ingredients needed to make a Sauza Hornitos Margarita

2 1/2oz Sauza Hornitos 100% Pure Agave Tequila
1oz Triple Sec
1/2oz Rosie's Lime Juice
4oz Premium Sweet & Sour Mix
Lime Wedge
Course Kosher Salt (optional)

Sauza Hornitos Margarita Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix all liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice. Salt the rim of a margarita glass and fill half way with ice. Pour in the cocktail and garnish with a lime wedge.

JakJericho's Notes

A tasty Mexican staple. Quality tequila is a must.

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RaeRaeK said:


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Bartender said:

I love the Hornitos, though I submit that it would be best paired with a premium orange/citrus liqueur like Cointreau, Gran Gala, or Grand Marnier rather than mere Triple Sec. Very nice though. Great photography.