Porkslap Ale

Added by: thefreeartist
Added on: Oct 16 2011

Porkslap Ale

Ingredients needed to make a Porkslap Ale

A malty brew, served in a can.

Porkslap Ale Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pull the tab and sip.

thefreeartist's Notes

Tried this one because I couldn't resist the can or the name. It is an 'all malt' ale. Not sure what that means. but it has a strong flavor I'm not sure I like.

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MixMaster said:

That is just funny. Very retro.

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BrewGuru said:

That can is one of those "instantly collectible" types. I love it! I'm Northeast, so I will be looking to add this to my obscure beer can mantle. How was the taste of the beer though?

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thefreeartist said:

I live in New York City and found it at my local grocer's. It is from a brewer in NY state so keep your northeastern eyes open. Distinctive organge can with a novel red gizmo that binds the six-pack together.

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JakJericho said:

Fabulous name and can! Curiosity will sell tons of this. Too bad it's not around the northeast.