Pomegranate Apple Sangria

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Added on: Oct 8 2011

Pomegranate Apple Sangria

Ingredients needed to make a Pomegranate Apple Sangria

Spiced Rum
White Wine
Pomegranate Juice
Apple Cider
Cinnamon-Nutmeg-Sugar Rim.

Pomegranate Apple Sangria Cocktail Recipe Directions

Have lady at Not Your Average Joes make it.

EmilyEovine's Notes

Yummy. Nice rim job.

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Latest Comments about Pomegranate Apple Sangria

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MixMaster said:

Nice ingredients. Perfect for a fall morning.

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JakJericho said:

I'm not a pomegranate guy, but I do like cinnamon and nutmeg,...and hey, who doesn't like rum??

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Lizziemonster said:

The picture and recipe has my mouth watering.

No comment re: "rim job."

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barkeep said:

As 1/2 of the SeeMyDrink Legal Team I am going on the record as in favor of the "rim job". Especially a cinnamon nutmeg sugar rim job.

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Bartender said:

The SeeMyDrink Legal Team considered censoring the "rim job" comment, however the picture spoke a thousand words and the First Amendment reigns supreme. Great upload.

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EmilyEovine said:

My sister posted this for me. Hence the "rim job" comment. I wanted to say, I make Sangria all the time. This recipe is a yummy, seasonal twist. Loved it.