Pink Hat

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Added on: May 1 2010

Pink Hat

Ingredients needed to make a Pink Hat

Three Olives Bubble vodka
crushed ice
piece of Bazooka Joe gum for garnish

Pink Hat Cocktail Recipe Directions

This is on the menu at Jerry Remy's in Boston. Not sure of the amounts of each ingredients. I think "citrus" means something like lemon juice rather than orange juice, since there was nothing like pulp or anything in it.

ckbomb's Notes

Go to your local convenience store, pour yourself a Slush Puppie and pump in a bunch of bubble gum flavor. That's exactly what this drink tastes like, except it'll get you drunk! I liked it a lot, but it proved to be too sweet/weird for some people. I was particularly psyched about the bubble gum garnish, but then I actually ate the gum and realized that Bazooka Joe gum is not very good. But points for fun-ness!

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JakJericho said:

Did the gum wrapper get stuck in your teeth? LOL. What a hipster cocktail,... sounds fun and sweet! Nice upload.