Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA

Added by: tedvilla
Added on: Dec 9 2010

Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA

Ingredients needed to make a Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA

12 ozs of OC Alpine Black IPA

Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA Cocktail Recipe Directions

Open bottle, pour, drink, ponder, repeat.

tedvilla's Notes

I'm an IPA fan, I'm a porter fan. I added ponder because this is a tasty, but sort odd brew. It's got some hoppiness up top like an IPA (but not enough for me) and a good dose of coffee, burnt caramel underneath. It's sort of a cognitively dissonant experience, like the beer can't decide what it wants to be, but it's pretty tasty.

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BrewGuru said:

I like the black,....dark is always good, but I am not an IPA fan at all. Give me a Beck's Dark any day. (See my upload of that @brewguru

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tedvilla said:

So I've placed like 4 versions of this image on the server and I can't get it to rotate correctly. This happened to me on the El presidente upload... sorry for the sideways.