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Ingredients needed to make a Orvieto

White Italian Wine

Orvieto Cocktail Recipe Directions

Serve at 46-50 degrees F

RaeRaeK's Notes

I do not normally drink Orvieto. However, I was having a wine night, and I wanted to serve something different to start the night off. This was recommended by my favorite wine store. (Pembroke Center Liquors) I served this to my wine girls, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It had an intense, fruity bouquet and a sweet, pleasant taste.(not too sweet)
It was a good buy @ $14 - very happy with this wine!!!

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Bartender said:

Looks intriguing. The price is right.

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RaeRaeK said:

The image of the wine label did not transfer ???
Producer of wine: VALLESANTA
Year: 2008
to see label this is the distributor's web site: