Old Fashioned

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Added on: Mar 5 2011

Old Fashioned

Ingredients needed to make a Old Fashioned

2.5 oz Makers Mark
Orange wedge
1 sugar cube
Angostura bitters

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe Directions

Muddle orange wedge, sugar cube and bitters in a rocks glass.
Fill with ice.
Fill with Makers Mark.
Do not garnish!

ForrestFrazier's Notes

I think this is how my bartender made this, it was an exceptional variation on a classic. Thanks for the inspiration @tedvilla

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tedvilla said:

I like the no garnish -- I can see no garnish in there. Sometimes you see these with an orange and Maraschino cherry in them and they've both been muddled and left in there, and they don't look great. It's a simple, hard to make classic -- nowhere to hide in the OF.