Mudslide on the Rocks

Added by: LizzieMonaghan
Added on: Jun 7 2012

Mudslide on the Rocks

Ingredients needed to make a Mudslide on the Rocks

3oz Vanilla vodka
2 oz caramel baileys
2 oz kahlua
dash of milk.

Mudslide on the Rocks Cocktail Recipe Directions

Add all over ice. Mix. Enjoy.

LizzieMonaghan's Notes

I used to drink these all the time. Not always with vanilla vodka or caramel baileys. Always good. If potatoes are my comfort food it's a toss up between this an an apple martini for my comfort drink.

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ForrestFrazier said:

I live mudslides but they are decadent. On rare occasion I'll get a Dunkin coffee coolata and replace half of it with a mudslide. It's the best on a hot summer day.