Monkey Gland

Added by: ForrestFrazier
Added on: Jun 26 2011

Monkey Gland

Ingredients needed to make a Monkey Gland

2 parts gin
5 parts orange juice
1 part absinthe

Monkey Gland Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix gin and juice, float absinthe

ForrestFrazier's Notes

Tasty and strong.

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Latest Comments about Monkey Gland

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Bartender said:

The color explains the name, but I thought for sure that there would be some banana ingredient. Sounds intriguing. Nice photo.

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ForrestFrazier said:

Well, like actual monkey glands this drink isn't for everyone. But I do like the absinthe and gin so it was the perfect combination for me.

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tedvilla said:

Interesting, I've heard of this drink, but gland is one of my least favorite words, so it makes this one a bit of a tough sell for me.