Milky Way (hot version)

Added by: ckbomb
Added on: Apr 17 2010

Milky Way (hot version)

Ingredients needed to make a Milky Way (hot version)

Pinnacle Vanilla Vodka
coffee liquer
hot chocolate

Milky Way (hot version) Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix together and add a dollop of whipped cream!

ckbomb's Notes

Ordered this at a pub (was getting over a cold and wanted a hot, yummy drink!), so unsure about the amounts of each ingredient. It's very tasty but so sweet that one was enough. Expected it would be served in a coffee mug rather than a pint glass, but hey more is better than less! After awhile the drink started to smell like butter (maybe it was the whipped cream), it was weird but deal-able.

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ckbomb said:

Coffee liqueur and Kahlua were both listed in the menu. Maybe they used two kinds to make it extra coffee-y??

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Lizziemonster said:

Sounds really good but it is weird that it was served in a pint glass. (PS-isn't coffee liqueur and Kahlua the same thing?)