Mammoth Brewing Company IPA 395

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Added on: Nov 14 2012

Mammoth Brewing Company IPA 395

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Buy at temporary store on rt 120 just south and across the road from Tuolomne Meadows.

tedvilla's Notes

This is an IPA brewed with Sage and Juniper berries. As a result it's an interesting blend of bitter and highly herbal. It was a cool beer to drink after hiking a little dome with my family and maybe the highest beer I've ever drunk while not in a plane: ~8900 ft. We were in the very northern part of the park, just west of Tioga Pass, the highest pass in California. This part of the park is most likely closed right now -- the roads are impassable. Mammoth Brewing is just over the Tioga Pass in Mammoth Lakes, CA, so this was local too.

I think this is the last post from my CA trip. Thanks for reading/indulging

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