Maiden's Prayer

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Added on: Mar 8 2011

Maiden's Prayer

Ingredients needed to make a Maiden's Prayer

1 1/2 oz Hendricks Gin
1/2 oz Cointreau
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz orange juice

Maiden's Prayer Cocktail Recipe Directions

Stir with ice in a shaker. Don't shake. That would bruise the gin (whatever that means, I just follow the masters).
Pour into chilled cocktail glasss

chickenwizard's Notes

Quite an interesting take on a Gimlet in my opinion.

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tedvilla said:

@barkeep cool explanation, thanks. Nice sounding drink @chickenwizard I actually like the shaken drink, a bit of dilution is not a bad thing, though many would disagree -- it's one reason I never chill my liquor, I want a bit of that dilution -- it's probably similar to why you splash some water in a single malt, to open it up.

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barkeep said:

"Bruising" a spirit is a term that refers to the difference between shaking and stirring a (usually clear) spirit. Basically when you shake a cocktail the slamming motion of the ice against the shaker and other ice is in fact creating friction which breaks down the ice and causes it to melt. This is why a shaken martini is cloudy while a stirred one is clear. Obviously this causes a slight watering down of the cocktail. Also, shaking tends to make the spirit taste sharper, by melding the aldehydes in the spirit with oxygen (a forced oxidation), changing your perception of their taste.

The more you know...