magnifique orange

Added by: LizzieMonaghan
Added on: May 22 2011

magnifique orange

Ingredients needed to make a magnifique orange

1 part premium orange vodka
2 parts blood orange soda.

magnifique orange Cocktail Recipe Directions

Fill glass with ice add orange vodka and blood orange soda. Stir with straw and enjoy!

LizzieMonaghan's Notes

Quick. Easy. Yummy.

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LizzieMonaghan said:

Sunkist would make this a totally different drink.

Yes, I used French vodka and French soda. So good!

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MixMaster said:

How will this taste if I use Sunkist soda? I like the flamingo glass.

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Bartender said:

With a drink name like that, I have to assume that you used a premium French Vodka eh?