Low Gap Clear Whiskey

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Added on: Apr 25 2012

Low Gap Clear Whiskey

Ingredients needed to make a Low Gap Clear Whiskey

84 proof malted Bavarian hard wheat whiskey

Low Gap Clear Whiskey Cocktail Recipe Directions

Open pour taste

tedvilla's Notes

This is one of the most unusual things I've drunk. My father got this from a guy he knows so we did a tasting. At first it was very green and grassy and mildly sweet. Then it started getting sort of toasty but the nose got very chemical-like and unpleasant. Then it shifted again and became sort of bread like but without the caramel you get in a loaf of bread. In the end this was sort of like grappa or some other brandy-like spirit. Lots of info on label about the bottling etc. most interesting data point is that this whiskey sat in oak for 357 minutes. Minutes. I think this more an after dinner drink than a mixer.

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ForrestFrazier said:

I saw this at the packie today while looking for a new whiskey to try. I remembered you had reviewed it and based on this review I opted for the Knob Creek 100 proof. Thanks!