Lone Canary 2008 Merlot

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Added on: Apr 7 2012

Lone Canary 2008 Merlot

Ingredients needed to make a Lone Canary 2008 Merlot

A nice full Merlot from the Columbia Valley. The Columbia Valley in Eastern Washington produces some of the finest wines in the US. The region gets 2 hours more sun in the sumer over California, and you can taste it in the dense fruit. And the volcanic soil is perfect for grapes. It's the same latitude as Bordeaux, so the wines are comparable. Yadda yadda yadda.

Lone Canary 2008 Merlot Cocktail Recipe Directions

Pour, drink, repeat

chickenwizard's Notes

Silky with flavors of blackberry, dark chocolate and spice. The review says "in the nose it presents notes of black cherry, blackberry and dried plum". I don't know how they figure that shit out... but they did. I smell the dried plum.

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