Lambs Club "Signature"

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Added on: Feb 7 2011

Lambs Club

Ingredients needed to make a Lambs Club "Signature"

Lemon Juice

Lambs Club "Signature" Cocktail Recipe Directions

Mix with Ice

thefreeartist's Notes

Last week I attended a business event at the fairly new Lambs Club in Midtown Manhattan and was served this tasty treat. I did not get the proportions, though it was sold to me as the bar's signature cocktail. This place has gotten press for joining the trend among some Manhattan bars charging north of $20 for a cocktail, which should be discouraged in my view. Though on this night I was drinking on someone else's tab.

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tedvilla said:

Hey, cool drink. For $20 it better be the best drink ever! Looks good, great shot -- my blackberry cam stinks, that's amazingly good quality from a phone.

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thefreeartist said:

Yah, I took it with my blackberry, which works fairly well as a camera,

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Bartender said:

Very nice cocktail. Their website did not list this drink, however at twenty bucks, I'd keep it quiet too. Gorgeous picture. Cell phone cam??

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JakJericho said:

As a rule, I generally don't prefer bourbon. At twenty, or near twenty dollars a drink,...I HATE bourbon. I do however, like your photo. This would be good with a nice rye whiskey, for about $3.00 a cocktail at my house. (It would be $2.25, but I have a heavy pouring hand.)