Kraken Stormy

Added by: ForrestFrazier
Added on: Apr 8 2010

Kraken Stormy

Ingredients needed to make a Kraken Stormy

Kraken rum
ginger beer

Kraken Stormy Cocktail Recipe Directions

fill a pint glass up with ice
add 2oz of Kraken
fill with ginger beer

ForrestFrazier's Notes

a twist on the dark-n-stormy

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Latest Comments about Kraken Stormy

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ForrestFrazier said:

Kraken tastes "thicker" than the goslings. I think it's a solid dark rum. Give it a try.

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chris said:

saw this stuff at the store yesterday actually, and immediately thought of trying this exact thing. What are the differences? I've never tried Kraken before.

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Lizziemonster said:

that sounds...interesting...