Kiwi Caipirinha

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Added on: Feb 3 2012

Kiwi Caipirinha

Ingredients needed to make a Kiwi Caipirinha

Cachaca (Brazilian Rum from Sugar Cane), Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar, Kiwi, Ice

Kiwi Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe Directions

Its pretty simple ;)

JRCXNY's Notes

Fortaleza, Brazil; Praia de Futuro; Like the taste, kiwi pits kept getting stuck in straw :(

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Latest Comments about Kiwi Caipirinha

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pahosler said:

Definitely going to try this, looks like it would make a great frozen drink!

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JakJericho said:

This is one hell of a gimlet!! Great photo, great local, and great cocktail. Nice stuff.

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Lizziemonster said:

Love how that drink looks! I love fresh fruit and botanicals in some cocktails...except for the getting stuck in the straw part.

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barkeep said:

This is quite similar to a mojito but I bet the taste is totally different. I'll put cachaca on my list to pick up when the weather warms up.