Island Fire

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Added on: Sep 1 2010

Island Fire

Ingredients needed to make a Island Fire

2 oz Trader Vic's Light Rum
1 1/2 oz Gosling's Black Rum
1/2 oz Brinley Gold Mango Rum
1/2 oz Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps
2 oz pineapple juice
Pineapple Chunk
Maraschino Cherry

Island Fire Cocktail Recipe Directions

Shake rums, schnapps, and juice together with ice. Pour into rocks glass 1/3 filled with ice. Garnish with pineapple chunk and cherry.

JakJericho's Notes

Sweet meets heat in this island delight. I told you this was the Summer of the pineapple.

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MixMaster said:

Never heard of mixing cinnamon with rum, but I'm intrigued. i'll make this one for sure. Nice photo.